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The CJDT works to promote, encourage and facilitate a better understanding between members of the Christian and Jewish communities, with the hope of eliminating the prejudice and bigotry which has marred Christian-Jewish relations for generations.


Press Release:


Christian-Jewish Dialogue of Toronto Hosts Program to Strengthen Ties

Toronto, ON – On January 20th, the Christian-Jewish Dialogue of Toronto (CJDT) hosted a successful meeting of members from both communities, entitled "Building Bridges: Reflecting on the United Church’s Report on Israel/Palestine".

"This initiative was borne out of a recognition that the United Church of Canada's 41st General Council policy on Israel/Palestine caused immense hurt to Canada's Jewish community. The CJDT's position is not one of boycott, but rather positive initiatives that help build the foundation for mutual trust and peace," said Rev. John Joseph Mastandrea, Chair, CJDT and Minister at Metropolitan United Church. "In addition to exploring the historic roots of Christian antisemitism, the purpose of this conference was to explore those positive investments and alternatives to boycott, and to find practical ways to validate and support the legitimate aspirations of both Israelis and Palestinians. This was a wonderful opportunity for thoughtful individuals from both communities to come together in the spirit of unity, and to reaffirm our common ground and shared commitment to peace."

Speakers included Rev. Dr. Rob Oliphant, Rabbi Michael Satz, Rev. Barbara White, Bishop John Spong, and theologian John Dominic Crossan.

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