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About Us

Christian-Jewish dialogue grew out of the Anglican Diocese of Toronto's desire to approach the Jewish people initiated by the Reverend Roland de Corneille in 1962. It was his desire to emphasize dialogue and eliminate proselytization in the relationship between Christians and Jews.

Fourteen years later, on May 25, 1976, The Christian-Jewish Dialogue of Toronto (CJDT) was formally incorporated as an ecumentical endeavour by the following sponsoring bodies:

In addition to these original sponsors, the following organizations have also joined the CJDT:

The Board of Directors of the CJDT consists of representatives from these organizations. They meet 5 times a year to discuss matters of concern to Christian and Jewish communities.

Multi-Faith Enrichment

Religious diversity has become a permanent feature of the Canadian landscape, with the highest concentrations of ethnic variety in the Greater Toronto Area. This represents both an opportunity for social harmony and the potential for multi-faith enrichment.

While wanting to preserve the unique relationship in dialogue between Christians and Jews, the Board of the CJDT also fosters dialogue with other religious communities.

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